About Us

IFC works with family owned or closely held businesses as well as families and individuals in the following areas:

Financial Planning

We offer complete financial planning using our three step process where we become your personal CFO and put together then implement a turn key plan for you tailored to your goals. This is a top notch white glove service VERY specific to you, so expect to invest some time with us. You can find out all about the three steps by viewing the 'Our Process' page.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management involves investment advice and management of your portfolio. We are a fiduciary and always put our clients best interest first. We offer analysis on what you are doing now, investment advice, and both passive as well as active management styles with a choice of flat fee for service, hourly compensation, or an assets under management fee arrangement depending on the scope of service and what makes you most comfortable.

Succession Planning

We work with businesses in the areas of both succession and continuation planning. This involves cash flow planning and strategy around triggering events and funding buy sell agreements among other key points.

Tax Deferred Retirement Plans

We provide robust planning, installation, administration, and management of tax deferred retirement plans. These aren't your parents' dusty 401k that max out with a few thousand bucks a year. Through the use of various types of stacked retirement plans, we can shelter in excess of $350k a year in tax deferred plans for business owners.

We offer holistic financial services to every client.

IFC is a firm that believes in offering holistic financial services to every client while guaranteeing a very high standard of excellence, ethics, transparency, and creativity in our planning. We emphasis tax efficiency and minimizing fees. One of IFC's unique approaches to finances is our three step process. This process is split between two appointments starting with getting to know you all the way through to implementing the plan. This process has been refined with Peter's and Garrett's combined experience of over five decades. You can learn more on the 'Our Process' page.

Our company is involved with numerous non profits and local businesses.

Our advisers serve on the board or financially support UpperHand, Feed the Hungry, the Salvation Army Auburn Corps, Rotary, Placer Hills Education Foundation, Soroptomist, The Gathering Inn homeless shelters, the Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn Recreation District, and more. We sponsor/donate/serve more than 25 non-profits a year.

Meet the Team

Get to know the people behind IFC.
Peter G. Konrad
CLU, LUTCF – President/Cash Flow Coach

Peter has worked in the financial services industry since 1982. He worked for several insurance companies working up to Regional Vice President before he ventured out on his own and formed IFC in 2000. Peter is married with three kids (including Garrett!) and enjoys camping, motorsports, traveling, and more.

Deanie Repec
Accounts Manager

Deanie joined IFC in 2002 and has worked with Peter over 30 years cumulatively. Deanie has extensive expertise in management of financial accounts and her work reflects her commitment to accuracy and excellence. Deanie and her husband Brian have been lifelong friends with Peter and Danelle.

Garrett S. Konrad
COO/Creative Wealth Strategist

Garrett began working with IFC in 2009 and became a partner in the firm in 2014. Garrett is happily married with a daughter and a son. He enjoys traveling with his family and has been to twenty countries. His daughter was on over 40 airplanes before her second birthday. Other passions include music and exercise.

Sabrina McDaniel
Administrative Assistant

Sabrina, the newest member at IFC debuts in the world of finance. Sabrina has known Deanie for nearly twenty years. Attending family functions with the Repec's fostered a warm introduction to the Konrad family. Sabrina enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and her archery lessons with Sir Ichabod.

Natalie Litchfield
Wealth Advisor

Natalie has been a Financial Advisor since 2011, joined IFC in 2017, and specializes in financial planning and investment management. She is a dedicated wife and mother to 2 teenagers. They spend most of their free time camping, whitewater rafting, hiking and enjoying nature together.

Sir Ichabod Frederick Cornelius (IFC)

Sir Ichabod Frederick Cornelius, or as he is more commonly known as, Sir IFC, joined the company in the winter of 2016 as the firm was acquiring and moving into a new headquarters. Sir IFC comes to work faithfully every day standing guard near the entrance. He is a master of medieval warcraft. His hobbies include, but are not limited to, the use of a flail, hand to hand combat, and archery. He also fully enjoys sitting at tables – particularly the round kind.