Billionaire Buys Largest Life Insurance Policy EVER!

I saw this article and thought this is a great teaching moment. How many of you have been told Life Insurance is not a good “investment” or “asset class” by a radio or TV personality such as Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman? Radio and TV makes money by selling listenership. Those radio and TV shows are trying to capture majority of America by teaching strategies the majority can utilize. If you are in an uncommon financial situation, why would you use common strategies? This un-named billionaire sure understands that concept.

So, is your income ordinary or more than ordinary? Take a look at the numbers below to find out!

Top 50% of America’s Household income: $34,338
Top 25% of America’s Household income: $69,126
Top 10% of America’s Household income: $116,623
Top 5% of America’s Household income: $161,579
Top 1% of America’s Household income: $369,691

Where did you fit? If you make more than $116,623, you can’t afford to do what the majority of American’s are told to do, you need uncommon solutions to uncommon situations and problems.

You can see the rest of the story here:

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