We believe financial professionals need to have the best training, tools, and support available so their clients can be served to the highest standard.

IFC is a hybrid Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) and Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) that trains and equips financial services professionals to be successful in their new or existing independent practice. We work with Investment Adviser Reps, Registered Reps, life agents, health agents, and P&C agencies and have contracts with 49 financial institutions.

We offer our agents top notch customer service, fast quotes, clear and honest communication, intuitive technology, consistent underwriting, competitive pricing, extensive underwriting knowledge, sales support, marketing help, and competitive contracts.

Differentiation between us and other IMOs and RIAs:
1. R E L A T I O N S H I P  D R I V E N – When you call, we pick up. We know our reps well and enjoy the working relationship. We know your practice so we can better support and further your growth with tools to succeed.
2. H I G H  E F F I C I E N C Y – Our business model and strategy allows us to run efficiently. When you email, we respond immediately – a couple hours tops. When you leave a voicemail, we return your call. When you have questions during an appointment, we will get you answers immediately.
3. F I E L D  T E S T E D  S E R V I C E – As with any IMO, we have unique marketing tools, powerful sales concepts, a highly developed process, and resources to integrate into your business. The difference here is we TEST them. When we have an idea, we go out in our community and meet with our clients and prospective clients to put ideas to the test. We only bring to the table what we can make work for you and your business.

Our specialty markets are max funded participating permanent life insurance as an asset class (sometimes marketed as 7702 plans, bank on yourself, infinite banking, etc), retirement planning, wealth advisory, qualified plans/advanced markets, low premium term options, annuities, long term care and disability. We also have extensive knowledge and offer training in the MoneyTrax marketing system and Cotton prospecting system.

For more information or to see how we can help take your practice to the next level, fill out the contact form to the right. We will get you set up with a log in to our member’s area of the website with access to some of our tools and resources then we will reach out to get to know you and your practice better.